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I have spent the majority of my adult life passionately committed to empowering people and organizations to tap their authentic leadership potential.  I would guess this passion has been fueled by both my authentic personality, that of a “helper and giver”, as well as a never ending curiosity about human potential and how to tap it.  My educational credentials include: a M.S. in Communication and Leadership from St. Cloud State University,  B.A. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from University of North Dakota,  Certification in Arts Administration from the Hubert Humphrey Institute on Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; Mediation from Hamline University, and Enneagram Training from the Enneagram Institute and Olive Branch Way, LLC.

The winding staircase of steps my professional journey has taken enabled me to work as a business-owner, administrator in the non-profit sector including arts and women’s empowerment; instructor, administrator and leadership consultant in higher education including service-learning, disability services, academic advising and student development.

Yet, throughout many decades of my winding professional path, I have continued to follow my passion through my work as a motivational public speaker, consultant and coach in order to enable others to tap their authentic potential!

I welcome and appreciate you spending your valuable time and reflection on my journey. I sincerely hope that you will find valuable meaning for your journey as you read my thoughts.  As you can imagine, I am both curious and passionate about both sharing my reflections as well as receiving your meaningful comments.  ENJOY the JOURNEY!